Democrats Go Hard Left In New Hampshire – Trump Wins Again

Sanders is nationally unelectable. Most of the others not much better.

2020 Democrats

By David Kamioner | February 12, 2020

Looking at the aftermath of the Democratic New Hampshire primary, each candidate has a takeaway.

Good or bad, mostly bad, they are dealing with new situations Wednesday morning. So is the president, who knows the farther left they go the better his chances. Think McGovern in 1972. Let’s survey the field, remembering the Nevada caucus is on the 22nd and South Carolina a week after that.

Bernie Sanders– An expected win is a feather in his cap. But Buttigieg came too close. Sanders beat Hillary by 40% in 2016. He beat Pete by less than 5%. Has his support atrophied that much? Most Democrats, including Sanders, know he is national toast against Trump. They also ken he will taking a beating on Super Tuesday. So current scenario is about the same as 2016. Lots of delegates and no nomination. But since the party is harder left now, he will have increased influence.

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Pete Buttigieg– A close second makes it right now a contest primarily between him and Bernie. If Bloomberg can somehow recover from his recent media debacle then he’d be in that mix too. You’ve got to give it to the young mayor. From a small midwest town to this level of the game in one jump. Impressive. He’s protected from much media scrutiny due to being openly gay. But the hard left doesn’t trust him and if he does well on Super Tuesday, a likelihood, the Sanders types will increase their attacks on him. Nevada could be good for him.

Amy Klobuchar– The nice Hillary? She and the president were the biggest winners. Trump for the reason above. Klobuchar because of her unexpected strength and reasons we will go into in detail in a piece later today. Will be competitive in Nevada.

Joe Biden– What to say? If he has any sense or self dignity left he’d pull out and make Pete and Amy happy. But if he stays in he splits the moderate vote with them and probably won’t do that much better himself. He’ll now place in a bit of a stronger position than he did in NH because of moderate and black voter support on Super Tuesday. It will just postpone the inevitable. His day is done. Though, he could do better than now thought in Nevada.

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Liz Warren– The same as Biden. Also too shrill, too fake, too off putting, even for Democrats. If she gets out now and endorses she could leverage something out of it. But the clock is ticking.

Mike Bloomberg– If he recovers from the own goal on race, maybe he’s got a shot. Not until.

The rest– Non factors.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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