Jimmy Kimmel Shamelessly Uses Oscars To Push His Own January 6 Footage Agenda

Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel took full advantage of his invite to host the 95th Academy Awards by attempting to…

2 weeks ago

After Oscars Slap, Liberal Stephen Colbert Says Biden Should Slap Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy

Johnny Carson, the undisputed forever king of late night comedy, once said of mixing the brand of late night comedy…

12 months ago

Howard Stern Tries To Turn Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Into Anti-Trump Story

Radio host Howard Stern couldn't hold his Trump Derangement Syndrome at bay for 72 hours. Like others on the left,…

12 months ago

Did You Know That Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock At The Oscars Is All Trump’s Fault?

Not even 24 hours have gone by, and it is being dubbed "the smack heard 'round the world." Even those…

12 months ago

Rose McGowan Blasts Biden And Alyssa Milano Amidst Cuomo Scandal – ‘Your Time Is Up’

The Hollywood star Rose McGowan of Scream fame took to social media this week to give her thoughts on the sexual harassment…

2 years ago

Trump Hilariously Mocks Oscars After Ratings Plummet – ‘Don’t Be So Politically Correct And Boring’

Ratings for the Academy Awards on Sunday night plummeted to a historic low, drawing only around 10 million viewers, its…

2 years ago

Bette Midler Blasts Trump for Mocking the Oscars: ‘I’m More Upset That a Parasite Won the White House’

Trump should know that if Midler and the rest of Hollywood keep bashing him, he's just doing something right!

3 years ago

Trump Rocks Rallies Out West, Slams Bloomberg And Hollywood

His reviews of the Democrat debates and Hollywood are spot on.

3 years ago

Joaquin Phoenix Delivers Bizarre Oscars Acceptance Speech

His second such speech in as many weeks.

3 years ago

Brad Pitt’s Anti-Trump Oscar Speech: 45 Seconds is ‘More Than the Senate Gave John Bolton’

Right on cue, Hollywood liberal Brad Pitt made his Oscar acceptance speech political last night when he bashed the U.S.…

3 years ago

Obama Documentary Oscar Winner Quotes Communist Manifesto: ‘Workers of the World Unite!’

The filmmaker for a documentary that former President Barack Obama produced quoted one of Karl Marx's most famous "Communist Manifesto"…

3 years ago