$2 Million for Oregon Teachers to Reject the ‘Eurocentric Worldview’ of Individualism

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy Oregon’s Department of Education is spending $2 million to train K-12 teachers from diverse backgrounds…

6 months ago

Oregon High Schools Drop Math and Reading Requirements

They will be graduating illiterates.

1 year ago

Joe Biden Says Record High Heat Means More Money Must Be Spent On Climate Change

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said that record high temperatures in Portland, Oregon meant more money must be spent on…

2 years ago

Biden’s New Deputy White House Director Told Protesters To ‘Shut Down’ ICE – ‘It Doesn’t Have To Exist’

President Biden's new deputy director for political strategy and outreach has said there is no need for U.S. Immigration and…

2 years ago

Violent Extremists Attack Federal Courthouse In Portland

Federal law officers were dispersed in Portland, Oregon, Thursday night, as violent extremists set fires and smashed windows, in an…

2 years ago

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Pepper-Sprays Maskless Man Over Reported COVID Concerns

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reportedly pepper-sprayed a maskless man who had confronted him outside a restaurant for not wearing a…

2 years ago

Portland Police Forced To Beg For Help From Community As Violence Gets Out Of Control

The Portland Police Bureau has been left with no choice but to beg for help from the community in stopping…

2 years ago

Oregon’s Democratic Governor Extends Emergency Lockdowns Until March

Oregon's Democratic Governor Kate Brown announced this week that she is extending her state of emergency declaration until March, claiming…

2 years ago

Teacher Placed On Leave After Flipping Off Anti-Lockdown Protesters

A teacher who was caught on camera flipping off anti-lockdown protesters in Bend, Oregon over the weekend has just learned…

2 years ago

Oregon Governor Orders Citizens To Snitch On Neighbors They See Breaking Coronavirus Rules

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has ordered citizens in the state to snitch on their neighbors if they see them breaking…

2 years ago

Portland Lawmaker Who Called 911 Over Lyft Dispute Blames ‘White Supremacists’

Last week, we reported that a Democratic politician from Portland, Oregon who wants to defund the police had called 911 over…

2 years ago

Rural Oregon Counties Have Had It – Vote To Break Off And Join Red State Idaho

Two rural Oregon counties have voted to leave their blue state and join neighboring red state Idaho, in order to…

2 years ago