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LeBron James’ Voting Rights Organization Pays Fines For Convicted Felons So They Will Be Allowed To Vote In Florida

NBA star LeBron James' voting rights group is reportedly donating $100,000 toward paying fines for convicted felons in Florida so…

2 years ago

NFL Star Malik Jackson Refuses To Accept Apology Of Drew Brees – Says American Flag Has ‘Oppressed People’

Brees never should have apologized to the liberal mob in the first place. His rights to free speech are just…

2 years ago

Shannon Sharpe Demands Drew Brees Retire After He Criticizes National Anthem Kneelers: ‘I Will Never Respect The Man’

It's sad that we've fallen so far as a nation that simply defending our anthem and our flag is so…

2 years ago

LeBron James Blasts Fox News’ Laura Ingraham For Defending Drew Brees After He Criticized National Anthem Kneelers

While all Americans certainly can speak their minds as much as they please, we all would indeed be better off…

2 years ago

NFL Great Shreds ‘Cowards and Marxists’ Who Forced Drew Brees To Apologize For Supporting American Flag

Former NFL player and part of the Oakland Raiders 1980 Super Bowl champion team, Burgess Owens, slammed the "cowards and…

2 years ago

Democrats Ask Supreme Court to Save Obamacare

They are throwing a Hail Mary in expectation of loss on the issue.

3 years ago