National Defense

Does America Like Losing Wars?

By Michael C. Davies for RealClearDefense Afghanistan will soon be chiseled into the history books as another in the long…

5 months ago

Biden’s Administration Is The ‘Wrecking Crew’

By Frank Miele for RealClearPolitics Imagine a somewhat buffoonish, past-his-prime, cognitively challenged man entrusted with the survival of the free…

6 months ago

No, Omar, Keeping Criminals Out of the US is Not Hateful

The wall is meant to block the criminals and safely advance the passage of legal immigrants.

2 years ago

Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Have Been Identified

The Taliban has taken credit for the attack that killed two U.S. Soldiers and injured two others.

2 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Claims Global Warming is Major Threat to Peace

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was visibly frustrated over her Q&A with National Intelligence Director Dan Coats when he wouldn't do the…

5 years ago

BOMBSHELL: Obama REFUSES To Do This Basic National Security Thing ALL Presidents Do

Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy Award Winning Journalist. She was diligent in her investigative reporting on the Obama administration, and it…

6 years ago

Fox News Anchor Can’t Take It Anymore! Goes OFF On Obama (Classic!)

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is pretty low key with his opinions. As a straight news reporter, he typically doesn’t…

6 years ago