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Trump Biden
July 21, 2021
Former President Donald Trump blasted the media for covering for Joe Biden, saying that this is the "beginning of communism."
Rush Limbaugh Michael Savage Cancer
October 20, 2020
Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh shared sobering details of his ongoing battle with lung cancer, and was attacked by Michael…
January 3, 2019
Conservative talk radio host Michael Savage has reportedly been forced into hiding after an email was sent to a restaurant…
August 7, 2017
Radio host Michael Savage is warning of a civil war should Donald Trump be removed from office.
March 15, 2016
The aunt of the man who tried to attack Donald Trump on stage in Ohio, called into the Michael Savage…
September 16, 2015
Sometimes controversial, but never a dull radio host, Michael Savage recently blasted President Obama as a “retrovirus” — a man…
January 14, 2015
Political commentator Michael Savage went above and beyond other media members in simply calling out President Obama for his no-show…