Savage: Obama Is a Virus Destroying America


Sometimes controversial, but never a dull radio host, Michael Savage recently blasted President Obama as a “retrovirus” — a man who has infected Washington “with his hateful, anti-American view.”

Savage warned that the President’s “destructive ideas” have infected the Democrats in general, removing any hints of pro-American ideas that may have once existed within his party.

The radio host compared it to the ’60s, saying it wasn’t hippies during that era that ruined America, “It was the communists who ruined the hippies who ruined America.”

Savage then drew a parallel that he sees with the President, who is infecting idealistic liberals with his insane ideas on how America should change.

via Michael Savage:

It wasn’t the hippies who ruined America. It was the communists who ruined the hippies who ruined America.

You see, a free spirit is more easily manipulated or penetrated than a rigid spirit. The ’60s allowed millions of us to become freer spirits. The communists entered our spirits just as retroviruses infect humans, causing the common cold and AIDS for example.

And today we have a retrovirus in the White House named Barack Obama. He has infected the body politic with his hateful, anti-American view and invaded many other cells or people with his destructive ideas.

Savage, who has a Ph.D. in epidemiology, explained that a retrovirus uses an enzyme to become part of the cells it invades and facilitates many copies of the host cells.

Does this sound like what Obama has done to this country?

That’s exactly what he has done. The entire Democratic Party has been invaded and infected by him. Not all of them were like this originally. Not all of them were like this even seven years ago. Some of them had a scintilla of patriotism and a scintilla of sanity.

Today the entire Democratic Party has been invaded by the retrovirus of Barack Obama that has infected them with his worldview that is so crazy they don’t even know what they are doing, because they are just like him now.

Take a listen …

Do you view President Obama as a disease that has infected the Democrat party specifically, and America as a whole? If so, what is the cure?

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