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mccaul taiwan war
Screenshot: Michael McCaul Twitter
April 12, 2023
Michael McCaul stated earlier in April that the United States "should look at" starting a war if China strikes Taiwan.
GOP Rep. McCaul Says Americans In Afghanistan Is ‘Higher’ Number Than Biden Administration Says 
August 26, 2021
Michael McCaul said he believes there are more American citizens in Afghanistan than the figures put out by the State…
McCaul Biden
August 16, 2021
The GOP Rep. Mike McCaul said that Joe Biden can't blame Donald Trump for Afghanistan, calling the situation an "absolute…
McCaul Biden
March 21, 2021
GOP Texas Rep. Michael McCaul said that Joe Biden created the border crisis, predicting that it will get worse in…
Crenshaw Protests
January 7, 2021
Rep. Dan Crenshaw has condemned the Capitol protests, calling on President Donald Trump to tell supporters he "misled them."