Leaked Military Records of GOP Candidates Goes Largely Ignored by Mainstream Media

Last year just before the midterm elections, a GOP candidate had her military records inappropriately released to an opposition researcher.…

3 months ago

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Former Boss In NYT Op-Ed

Shelley Ross, a former executive producer at ABC News, has accused CNN's Chris Cuomo of sexually harassing her when the…

2 years ago

Disgraced Democrat Al Franken Hints At Political Comeback

It is kind of a hard thing to admit, but sometimes politics, like real life, is stranger than fiction.  Politicians…

2 years ago

President Of Left-Wing Human Rights Campaign Ousted For Helping Cuomo Discredit Sexual Harassment Accusers

The President of the left-wing Human Rights Campaign, Alphonso David, is out after it was revealed he was working to…

2 years ago

Monica Lewinsky: Bill Clinton Should ‘Want To Apologize’ For His Role In Affair

Monica Lewinsky, the political world’s most famous intern, said former President Bill Clinton "should want to apologize" for his role…

2 years ago

Kamala Harris Still Silent Three Weeks After Cuomo’s First Sexual Assault Accuser Came Forward

For 22 days - three weeks and a day - Vice President Kamala Harris has not taken a position on…

2 years ago

Rose McGowan Demands Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Claims Against Andrew Cuomo

Yesterday, a former aide of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) accused him of sexual harassment. Now, former "Charmed" actress…

2 years ago

Rose McGowan Begs Trump To Take On Deep State By Pardoning Assange And Snowden: ‘Burn Them Down’

As the voices grow on right and left for President Donald Trump to pardon whistleblowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden,…

2 years ago

CNN Panel Derails: Silences Guest Who Questioned Why Bill Clinton Hasn’t Been ‘Cancelled’

A CNN panel just went off the rails after a guest dared to question why former President Bill Clinton has…

3 years ago

Rose McGowan Calls On Trump To Make Donation ‘In Biden’s Name’ To Tara Reade Fundraiser

McGowan has been a longtime defender of Reade, ever since she came forward with her claims earlier this year.

3 years ago

AOC Defends Joe Biden Against Sexual Assault Claim: Says Tara Reade’s Accusation Is Not ‘Clear Cut’

Democrats are willing to "believe all women" when they accuse Republicans, but when someone on the Left is accused, all…

3 years ago

Juanita Broaddrick: Tara Reade ‘Has So Much Credibility’

In a phone interview, Juanita Broaddrick said that she thought Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, "has…

3 years ago