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Pennsylvania Republicans Blew It. Now What?

By Athan Koutsiouroumbas for RealClearWire A trope commonly used in both dating and sales is that “No response is a…

3 months ago

Two Charged In L.A. With Voter Fraud After Submitting Thousands Of Applications On Behalf Of Homeless People

Two Los Angeles men have been charged with voter fraud, after submitting around 8,000 voter applications for homeless people. The…

2 years ago

Pennsylvania Judge Rules Secretary Of State Had No Legal Authority To Change Ballot Identification Deadline At Short Notice

 A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that the state's Secretary of State did not have the legal authority to change the…

2 years ago

Trump Will Continue Rallies, Plans To Brandish Obituaries Of People Who Allegedly Voted

President Trump plans to continue campaign-style rallies - including brandishing obituaries for people who allegedly voted - as he continues…

2 years ago

Trash Bags Of Undelivered Mail Found In Pennsylvania

On Sunday, trash bags filled with undelivered mail were found outside a postal employee's home in Baldwin, Pennsylvania. The bags…

2 years ago

Poll: Majority of Americans See Possibility Of Civil War, Political Violence Following Election

A number of new polls have shown that a shocking number of Americans are concerned about the possibility of violence…

2 years ago

Charges Announced Against Judge In Pennsylvania Democrat Primary Election Tampering Case

A Pennsylvania judge has been charged with two misdemeanors related to the tampering of a Democrat primary election in July.…

2 years ago

Supreme Court Reinstates Witness Signatures For South Carolina Mail-In Ballots

The Supreme Court has upheld the requirement for witness signatures to be on mail-in ballots in South Carolina, overturning lower…

2 years ago

Texas Governor Abbott Limits Counties To One Site For Mail-In Ballot Dropoffs

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has limited counties to one location where voters are able to drop off their completed mail-in…

2 years ago

Mass Confusion In New York Over Multiple Errors In Mail-In Ballots

New York voters are facing multiple errors with their mail-in ballots, including being sent ballots with the wrong name printed…

2 years ago

PA Supreme Court Rules Mail-In Ballots May Be Counted Three Days After Election

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Thursday that mail-in ballots can be counted up to three days after the election, even…

2 years ago

Indicators Predict Election Day Will Be Disastrous

Real results could take weeks.

2 years ago