London Breed

San Francisco Mayor Announces New Program To End Transgender Homelessness

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced her intention to allocate $6.5 million of the city's budget to end transgender homelessness.…

1 year ago

Tide Turning? MSNBC’s Scarborough Blasts Democrats’ Hypocrisy Over Maskless Photos

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was joined by contributor Eddie Glaude Jr. in criticizing the hypocrisy of Democrats who…

1 year ago

CA Gov. Newsom, LA, And San Fran Mayors All Take Pictures Maskless At NFL Game

The rule among elected officials in California continues to be "OK for me, but not for thee." On Sunday, in…

1 year ago

After Being Caught Disobeying Her Own Mask Mandate, San Francisco Mayor London Breed Blasts ‘Fun Police’

San Francisco Mayor London Breed defended violating her city's mask mandate, criticizing the "fun police" and saying it was permissible…

2 years ago

Woman Caught Leaning Out Of Passenger Window With AK-47 In San Francisco

A photo is going viral this week showing a woman hanging out of the passenger window of her car holding…

2 years ago

‘Defund The Police’ Democrats Spent Millions On Private Security For Themselves

As violent crime continues to increase nationally, in about 20 cities with Democratic mayors who have called for defunding the…

2 years ago

San Francisco Mayor Hypocrite On Pandemic Regulations

One rule for her. Another for her constituents.

2 years ago

Mayor Announces Plans For City To Pay Some Pregnant Women $1K Per Month, But Only If They’re Black Or Pacific Islander

The mayor of San Francisco has announced plans to help pregnant women with the financial difficulties of raising children, but…

3 years ago