Trump Calls On Ted Cruz To Argue Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit

President Trump asked Senator Ted Cruz to argue a case involving a Texas lawsuit before the Supreme Court which seeks…

2 years ago

Democrat Governor Kelly Tries To Stop Church And Funeral Attendance

Democrats will use this crisis to enact unconstitutional edicts.

2 years ago

SCOTUS Rules States Can Go After Illegals for Stealing American IDs

In a 5-4 split decision, the Supreme Court ruled that states can prosecute illegal immigrants for stealing the IDs of…

2 years ago

Kansas Man Fights Traffic Stop All The Way To The Supreme Court

Kevin Daley on November 4, 2019 Charles Glover got pulled over in April 2016. He fought the stop all the way…

3 years ago

‘Your Question Is Insane’: Pompeo Heads Home To Kansas, Gets Grilled By Hometown Paper

Audrey Conklin on October 24, 2019 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called a reporter’s question “insane” in a joint interview with…

3 years ago

Supreme Court to Consider Allowing States to Prosecute Illegal Aliens For Identity Theft

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider allowing states to prosecute illegal immigrants for identity theft if they use another person's…

3 years ago

Colyer Concedes Kansas GOP Primary, Endorses Kobach

Hanna Bogorowski on August 14, 2018 Kansas’ incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer conceded the gubernatorial primary race on Tuesday night and has…

4 years ago

Judge Strikes Down Kansas ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Voter ID Law

Kevin Daley on June 18, 2018 A federal judge in Kansas City struck down a state law Monday requiring Kansas voters…

4 years ago

Kansas Democrat Candidate Andrea Ramsey Dropping Out Of Race Due To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Democrats may have thought they were being clever by having Sen. Al Franken declare his intent to resign as a…

5 years ago