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Apatow Trump
September 22, 2020
The Hollywood A-list director Judd Apatow just called Trump “a mass murderer” who “should be impeached for murder.”
Apatow Trump
May 4, 2020
Hollywood director Judd Apatow launched yet another ridiculously outrageous attack on President Donald Trump, saying he “normalized being insane.”
Letterman Pence
April 30, 2020
Pence received tons of backlash from the Left for not wearing a mask, as liberals chose to focus on that instead of the incredible strides the Mayo Clinic is making in terms of coronavirus testing.
Streisand Farrow
April 29, 2020
Hollywood stars lost their minds over Vice President Mike Pence not wearing a mask when he went to visit the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday.
Judd Apatow Trump
March 31, 2020
Holllywood director Judd Apatow has called for President Donald Trump and Republicans to be prosecuted because “they are all murderers.”