Jack Wilson

Two Heroes Who Intervened In Texas Church Mass Shootings Slam Biden’s ‘Insane’ Gun Control Plan

Two American heroes who bravely intervened in two Texas mass church shootings spoke out this week to rip Democratic presidential…

2 years ago

Gun-Controlled Baltimore Suffers 5 Murders in 8 Different Shootings

Twelve people are shot over a recent weekend in the oddly-named Charm City.

3 years ago

Bloomberg Trolls Trump and then Loses the Ball

The New York billionaire is sniping from the sidelines. But not for much longer.

3 years ago

Trump: Gun Laws and ‘Heroes’ Saved Lives at Texas Church Shooting

President Donald Trump is praising the “heroes” who shot and killed the gunman who opened fire on churchgoers in a…

3 years ago

‘Evil Exists and I Had to Take Out an Active Shooter in Church’

The volunteer security officer who stopped further bloodshed in a dramatic and bold action on Sunday is seeking office on…

3 years ago