Synagogue Terrorist The FBI Initially Said Wasn’t Motivated By Anti-Semitism Ranted About ‘F***ing Jews’

Malik Faisal Akram, the British Muslim terrorist who was killed after taking a rabbi and three others hostage at a…

4 months ago

Dan Crenshaw Says Riots Are ‘Well-Coordinated’ Effort By Radicals To Hold Americans ‘Hostage Until You Give Them Power’

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw said that “left-wing” violence in U.S. cities is “well-coordinated” to hold Americans “hostage” in order for…

2 years ago

Rep. Gabbard: Trump Leading Us Down ‘Dangerous Path Towards War With Iran

President Trump is the most anti-war president we've seen since President Reagan, Tulsi, wake up! The Democratic Party is the…

3 years ago