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Dylan Mulvaney
October 12, 2023
The transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was named Woman Of The Year at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards.
Dean Cain Dylan Mulvaney
October 10, 2023
Dean Cain of “Superman” fame recently had the guts to go after the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney after the Bud Light debacle.
Dylan Mulvaney
October 6, 2023
Dylan Mulvaney has resurfaced after the Bud Light debacle to demand that other companies step up to fight “bigots.”
Braun Bud Light Transgender
September 22, 2023
Braun has become the latest brand to get the “Bud Light treatment” after using a transgender model in a shaving ad.
Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light
September 14, 2023
Dylan Mulvaney is admitting that she “feels guilty” over the Bud Light backlash that she has received, calling it a “wakeup call.”