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Geraldo Rivera Slams Biden’s ‘Preposterous’ Gun Violence Plan: ‘There’s A Ghetto Civil War Going On’

On Monday, liberal Fox News pundit Geraldo Rivera blasted President Joe Biden’s plan to combat 'gun violence,' calling it “preposterous.”…

2 years ago

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera And Dana Perino Blast ‘Pathetic, Sleepy’ Biden Gun Control Speech

On Wednesday, Fox News pundits Geraldo Rivera and Dana Perino blasted President Joe Biden’s "pathetic" gun control speech aimed at…

2 years ago

Democrats Redistribute Punishment From Offenders to Victims

Liberal elites would be best served by enforcing existing laws

3 years ago

Texas Republican Praises Church Security Team, Change in Law After Shooting

Parishioners took out a vicious criminal on Sunday within mere seconds of the man's opening fire on innocent people in…

3 years ago

Chicago Weekend Gun Violence: At Least 8 Dead, 40 Wounded

Whitney Tipton on July 29, 2019 Gunshot wounds in Chicago over the weekend caused at least eight fatalities and injured 40,…

4 years ago

Al Sharpton’s Brother Arrested Day After Anti-Gun Rally!

Few of you probably remember that Rosie O'Donnell had her own March For Our Lives nearly two decades ago. Back…

5 years ago

Las Vegas Mass Shooter Identified as Stephen Paddock

Las Vegas Police are investigating a horrific mass shooting that occurred at a country music festival on the Las Vegas…

5 years ago

Oregon Shooting: Obama Has NO SHAME and NO CLASS!

President Barack Obama said on Friday that he has asked his team to look for new ways to enforce existing…

7 years ago