Oregon Shooting: Obama Has NO SHAME and NO CLASS!

oregon shooting

President Barack Obama said on Friday that he has asked his team to look for new ways to enforce existing regulations to keep guns away from criminals in the wake of the mass shooting in Oregon.

Obama started by mocking Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who earlier on Friday had said “stuff happens” in the course of an answer to a question about gun violence.

“They have perfected what they do,” he said. “They don’t represent the majority of the American people, but they know how to stir up fear, they know how to stir up their base, they know how to raise money, they know how to scare politicians, they know how to organize campaigns.”

The only thing worse than random violence and death is the politician who exploits it for his political advantage.


Obama can talk all he wants, but the majority of Americans realize that whenever his lips are moving, he is lying. He is desperate to force his agenda down America’s throat like he’s done with so many of his unchecked executive orders. Thank God he has not been successful on gun control as he would have hoped to be, because more than ever the people’s right to defend themselves is needed–especially since he is bringing in possible Muslim terrorists from Syria to our country. A significant component of the answer to this problem is to stop adhering to the far left’s definition of PC.

Anything Obama can do to politicize a tragedy, he will do. Gun ownership in the USA is the highest in the world, and the NRA should keep doing what they are doing to educate and inform Americans about their rights to protect themselves and their families.

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h/t – Newsbusters, Washington Times

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