MSNBC’s Joy Reid Laments That People Will Have To Wait To ‘Vaccinate Their Babies’

MSNBC's Joy Reid seems unpleased that the FDA has yet to approve vaccines for children as young as 6 months…

12 months ago

Former FDA Chief: Nobody Knows Where Six Feet Of Social Distancing Requirement Came From

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb claims "nobody knows" where the six feet of social distancing separation…

1 year ago

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio On Vaccines: ‘The Voluntary Phase Is Over’

Mayor Bill de Blasio has a message for some New Yorkers resisting vaccines: "The voluntary phase is over." The obtrusive…

2 years ago

Flashback: Media ‘Fact-Checked’ Trump On Vaccine Predictions – And Failed Miserably

A look at the media's attempts to 'fact-check' President Trump's predictions on the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine shows exactly…

2 years ago

Cuomo Looking At Ways To ‘Stop’ Trump From Distributing Coronavirus Vaccine, ‘Bad News’ If the President Does It

New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he is looking into ways to "fix" or "stop" the Trump administration from implementing…

2 years ago

Trump Claims COVID Vaccine ‘Weeks’ Away, Poll Shows Biden And Harris Convincing People Not To Take It

In an interview with 'Fox & Friends,' President Trump predicted that a coronavirus vaccine could be approved "in a matter…

2 years ago

Ivanka Trump Fires Back At Joy Behar – Says She’ll Take COVID Vaccine On ‘The View’

Earlier today, we reported that Joy Behar had said on "The View" that she will not take a coronavirus vaccine…

2 years ago

President Trump Announces FDA Approval For Convalescent Plasma, New Coronavirus Treatment

On Sunday, President Donald Trump announced that the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved the use of convalescent…

2 years ago

FDA Chief Hahn Brings Good News On Coronavirus Fight

The FDA is getting closer to a vaccine.

3 years ago

New York Times Demands More Abortion Access During Coronavirus Pandemic

The New York Times Editorial board are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to demand even more access to…

3 years ago

Trump Lashes Out At Obama – Blames Him For Slow Response To Coronavirus In U.S.

Liberals will undoubtedly find a reason to complain about this, as they become "triggered" whenever Trump reverses anything that Obama…

3 years ago