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rand paul fauci elitist
July 22, 2021
Senator Rand Paul said that Dr. Anthony Fauci epitomizes the condescending attitude elite leftists have toward the average man.
Sen. Kennedy Slams NYT Op-Ed Praising Biden, Says Liberal Elites Think Americans Are 'Moronic' 
July 17, 2020
Republican Senator John Kennedy told Fox News’ Shannon Bream Thursday that he had some major problems with a recent New York Times op-ed.
Leslie Jones Rioters
June 1, 2020
The “comedian” Leslie Jones said that the rioters on the streets right now should focus on voting in order to “burn this f*cking constitution.”
Baldwin Trump
April 1, 2020
Hollywood star Alec Baldwin just claimed that America has been infected with a virus since Donald Trump took office as the U.S. battles coronavirus.
My Pillow
March 31, 2020
CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell announced his company will switch their production from making pillows into producing masks during the coronavirus crisis. 
March 19, 2019
Neetu Chandak on March 19, 2019 An elite New York City high school that has a total of 895 spots in […]