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mystal biden not far enough
September 2, 2022
Far-left frequent MSNBC guest Ellie Mystal thinks Joe Biden didn’t go far enough. Yeah that’s right, not far enough.
Herschel Walker Slams MSNBC's Mystal For Calling Senate Campaign 'Insult To Black People'
June 1, 2022
Elie Mystal, a regular MSNBC contributor, recently wrote in a column that Herschel Walker’s candidacy was an “insult to black people.”
CNN WH Correspondent Harwood Echos Mystal Comments On GOP Inciting Harm To SCOTUS Pick
March 25, 2022
On Thursday, Harwood was blasted on social media for basically repeating outrageous comments made last weekend by an MSNBC guest.
Leftwing Reporter Calls The Constitution 'Slaver’s Organizing Document' And Says It Should Be Replaced With Something ‘More Inclusive’
March 4, 2022
Elie Mystal, said US should ditch the Constitution,” which he considers “slaver’s organizing document” for something “more inclusive.”
September 18, 2019
An MSNBC panelist revealed he fantasizes about plowing into a Trump Plaza “EVERY TIME” he drives past