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November 28, 2023
By John Murawski for RealClearWire U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gave Americans an unintended glimpse of the future during her road trip […]
Electric Car
September 8, 2023
The Chinese automaker Kandi has revealed a $9,999 electric car for the U.S. market, much to the dismay of American companies.
biden regulation ice vehicles
Will the Biden administration’s latest energy regulations force Americans out of gas vehicles and into more expensive electric cars?
georgia rivian subsidies
When electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian announced a new factory was coming to Georgia in December 2021, Georgia state officials rushed to offer the auto maker $1.5 billion in tax credits and subsidies.
inflation electric vehicles
Inflation rose 5% last month compared with one year prior, according to the latest consumer price index.
biden EV mandate
The EPA’s new emissions standards require manufacturers to increase overall fuel efficiency by over 25% by 2026.
europe ditching EVs
April 14, 2023
There is a growing revolt across much of Europe against Net Zero mandates in general and electric vehicle mandates in particular.
green energy benefits china
Jamie Dimon has voiced his reservations over the Biden administration’s drive for electric vehicles, claiming that it poses a threat to national security.
Rubio Michigan Ford Chinese Ties investigation
February 15, 2023
Marco Rubio called for an investigation after Michigan pledged $1 billion in taxpayer subsidies to a Ford EV plant with Chinese ties.
electric vehicles not carbon neutral
October 27, 2022
Car and energy experts say there is no such thing as a zero-emissions vehicle: For now and the foreseeable future.
biden EV charging stations
September 29, 2022
President Joe Biden announced spending $900 million to build about 500,000 charging stations across dozens of states, CBS News reported.
new jersey EV subsidy
August 15, 2022
New Jersey will spend $60 million of taxpayer funds to give $4,000 to each person who buys an electric vehicle.