Down Syndrome

CNN’s Ana Navarro Uses Relatives With Down Syndrome, Autism To Defend Right To Have Abortions

CNN political pundit Ana Navarro brought up her disabled brother and other relatives with Down syndrome and autism as examples…

11 months ago

DOJ: Down Syndrome Is No Justification for Abortion

The feds and Ohio would rather not engage in eugenics.

3 years ago

Pennsylvania Gov Vetoes Bill That Would Have Protected Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion

Mary Margaret Olohan on November 22, 2019 Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill Thursday that would have protected unborn…

4 years ago

Little Girl’s Doctor Told Her Parents To Abort Her, Now Her Mother Is Speaking Out!

It is a diagnosis that no parent wishes for, but when they hear it, they need love and support. When…

7 years ago