Hillary Clinton Celebrates Biden’s Alleged Win – Calls It A ‘Repudiation’ Of Trump

Hillary Clinton has taken to social media to celebrate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's alleged victory over Donald Trump in…

3 years ago

Democrats Ignore Tulsi Gabbard For Convention: ‘I Was Not Invited To Participate In Any Way’

On Thursday night, Democratic Congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard confirmed on the eve of the last night of…

3 years ago

Hillary Clinton Doubles Down on Bernie Sanders Attack – Says His Campaign is ‘Just Baloney’

The former Secretary of State has been increasingly outspoken in recent weeks.

4 years ago

Top Democrat Leaders Reportedly Prepping Plan To Stop Bernie Sanders At Convention

This comes as Sanders has become the front-runner of the Democratic presidential race.

4 years ago

In N.H., Democrat Establishment Just STOLE THE ELECTION For Hillary!

If you didn't know the Democratic Party rigged the system in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, THIS…

8 years ago