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July 24, 2023
Here are ten captivating fictional books that embrace conservative themes. If you love to read, this is the list for you!
barry goldwater quotes
March 29, 2023
Conservatives are, once again, at a crossroads as the race towards another presidential election year begins to pick up before us. Do we pick the most ‘red meat’ candidate possible and risk the general election? Do Republicans need to pander down to moderates, assuming they still exist in our post-COVID-19 lockdown world?
Lindsey Graham
December 15, 2020
Senator Lindsey Graham has issued a chilling warning of what “will destroy conservatism if we don’t push back.”
January 14, 2019
A survey conducted by Gallup indicates that a majority of Americans self-identify as conservatives, while a majority of Democrats now identify as liberal within their party.