Poll Shows Most Americans Identify as Conservative, Democrats Becoming More Extreme

A survey conducted by Gallup indicates that a majority of Americans self-identify as conservatives, while a majority of Democrats now identify as liberal within their party.

The study shows that while a vast swath of Americans remain right-of-center, the resistance party has continued to gravitate to the more extreme end of the leftist spectrum.

Still, while the country remains predominantly conservative, the gap between the two ideologies has been narrowing for some time.

According to the Gallup survey which tallied the results from 13,000 Americans, 35 percent identify as conservative while 26 percent refer to themselves as liberal.

Why Doesn’t the Media Reflect This?

The mainstream media is consistently focused on diversity in the Republican Party, demanding more of it be based on skin color rather than on qualifications. Perhaps they should look within.

Yes, while liberalism has been closing the gap – a 19-point difference in 1992 to a 9-point difference today – the fact remains that for 26 years, the majority of America has considered themselves conservative.

Where is the diversity in media, which operates at an estimated 90 percent pro-liberal and anti-conservative clip in the era of Trump? Where is political diversity?

Instead, they paint a majority of the country as a bunch of racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamaphobic, women-hating, child-hating, puppy-hating Deplorables.

In fact, one could argue that the gap has narrowed between liberals and conservatives primarily due to the media on a nightly basis telling Americans that they should care about leftist platforms and should bow to the whim of relatively small percentages of extremist ideologies.

Democrats Becoming More Extreme

In a sign of the Democrat Party becoming more extreme, Gallup indicates that for the first time ever a majority of Democrats identify themselves as liberal.

“The percentage of Democrats identifying as liberal averaged 51% in 2018, up from 50% in 2017, marking the first time a majority of Democrats have adopted this term, following gradual increases since the 1990s,” Gallup writes.

Moderates in the Party are dwindling.

Need evidence? A poll in August indicated that a startling 20 percent of Democrats agreed with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement that America “was never that great.”

The left often looks with disdain upon other institutions in America – including due process, the military, the flag, and God. Is it any surprise the average American can’t relate to such extreme attitudes?

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