Colin Powell

Colin Powell Dies After COVID Complications

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, has died after complications from COVID-19. Powell’s…

2 years ago

Triggered Jake Tapper: Republicans Would Be Rioting If They Saw This Kind Of Convention From Democrats

CNN anchor Jake Tapper lambasted the Republican National Convention (RNC) for going against "norms and standards," alleging they "would be…

3 years ago

Democratic National Convention Parades RINOs Shamelessly Pecking For Crumbs

It was a parade of losers and malcontents.

3 years ago

Jeb Bush’s Son Is Voting For Trump And His Reason Should Shame Every Republican Who Isn’t

George P. Bush, the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, has declared his intention to vote for President Trump…

3 years ago

SCOTUS to Hear Faithless Electors Case

Should electors in the Electoral College be required to vote how their states did?

3 years ago

Colin Powell Has 5 Powerful Words About The Clintons

  Leaked e-mails from Colin Powell's hacked personal account are proving to be a treasure trove of entertainment, as he…

7 years ago