Chief Justice John Roberts

Supreme Court Justice Roberts Sides With Liberals Again, This Time On Louisiana Abortion Law

The Chief Justice has become more than a swing vote.

2 years ago

Democrats Show Frustration at Losing to Trump, Again

We're trying not to gloat. Really we are.

3 years ago

Thursday Night, the Hour Grew Late For Democrats in More Ways than One

They got desperate and bitter as the evening fell upon them.

3 years ago

Democrats Begin to Meltdown as Their Loss Looms

Thursday's session began bad for them and slid down from there.

3 years ago

Clashes Continue in Trial on Wednesday, GOP Holds Advantage

Collins moves towards the president. Paul clashes with the Chief Justice.

3 years ago

GOP Trial Defense Team Wraps Up, Scores Big

The tone was conciliatory, not confrontational. It worked.

3 years ago

Chief Justice Roberts Mutters “Okay, Boomer” At the High Court

Imagine Ginsberg's 'silent' reaction.

3 years ago

Why 2020 Will Be a Vital Year for the Supreme Court

On the docket in these next 12 months are cases involving abortion, immigration, gun rights, LGBTQ issues, Trump's tax returns…

3 years ago