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April 10, 2024
Former President Donald Trump called on Republicans to kill a FISA reauthorization bill promoted by Speaker Mike Johnson.
Rand Paul Questions FBI Director Over 2016 Trump-Russia Investigation Bias
September 22, 2021
Rand Paul questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray over his supposed bias in connection to the Trump-Russia investigation in 2016.
December 4, 2020
US Attorney John Durham is recommending a six month prison sentence for Kevin Clinesmith for altering a CIA email about Carter Page.
August 14, 2020
Kevin Clinesmith, a former lawyer for the FBI, is to plead guilty in the first criminal case arising from the Russiagate probe.
Rosenstein FISA Mueller
June 3, 2020
Rod Rosenstein, the former Deputy Attorney General, admitted that he had not “read every word” of the FISA application against Carter Page.
Dunham Barr
May 11, 2020
The probe has not been quick or easy. But it could prove worth the wait.
January 30, 2020
Carter Page announced a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
December 20, 2019
John Durham is examining the role that ex-CIA Director John Brennan played in how the intelligence community assessed Russia’s election interference.
October 31, 2019
Andrew McCabe refused to say what parts of the Steele dossier the FBI verified before using it to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.
cater page informant
February 7, 2018
A theory gaining traction about Carter Page in some quarters of the Web is that the former Trump campaign adviser worked as an undercover FBI agent to help bust a Russian spy ring operating in New York City in 2013.