Breonna Taylor

George Floyd Bust On Display In NYC, Just Months After Demands To Remove Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson Statues

Golden busts of George Floyd, John Lewis, and Breonna Taylor are being displayed in New York City just three months…

1 year ago

Simon & Schuster Employees Demand Book Publisher Cancel Authors Associated With Trump

Employees at book publisher Simon & Schuster filed a petition demanding the company cut ties with authors associated with former…

2 years ago

It May Soon Be A Crime To Insult a Police Officer In Kentucky, If New Bill Passes

Insulting a police officer in the state of Kentucky may soon be a crime, if a new bill is passed…

2 years ago

Biden In Leaked Audio: ‘Defund the Police’ Is A Losing Matter, We Should Avoid Talking Police Reform Until After Georgia Runoffs

In newly leaked audio, President-elect Joe Biden is heard admitting the GOP managed to “beat the living hell” out of…

2 years ago

Rand Paul Confirms No Investigation Will Take Place Into ‘Who Is Funding’ Rioters That Attacked Him And His Wife

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) confirmed on Monday that there will not be any investigation into who funded the protesters who…

2 years ago

University Offers 12-Step Program Based On AA To Help People ‘Recover’ From Being White

The University of Minnesota's School of Social Work is offering a 12-step webinar series that is based on Alcoholics Anonymous…

2 years ago

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Released From Jail After Posting Bail

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, at the center of the George Floyd case, has been released from jail after…

2 years ago

Woman Arrested After Driving Through Crowd Of Trump Supporters – Charged With Attempted Murder

A woman from California has just been arrested and charged with attempted murder after ramming her car through a crowd…

2 years ago

George Clooney Says He’s ‘Ashamed’ After Officers Aren’t Charged In Breonna Taylor’s Death

Hollywood star George Clooney, who is a native of Kentucky, spoke out to say that he feels "ashamed" after a…

2 years ago

Louisville Burns As Innocent Cop Is Hung Out To Dry Over Breonna Taylor Case

The entire controversy is a hoax to frame a cop.

2 years ago

Video Purportedly Shows Louisville Protesters Grabbing Anti-Police Signs, Supplies From U-Haul

A video purportedly shows protesters in Louisville grabbing anti-police signs, shields, and other supplies from a U-Haul truck parked near…

2 years ago

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Claims White Supremacists Will Riot But BLM Will Be Blamed

MSNBC analyst Jason Johnson argued that "white nationalists" would be responsible for violence in Louisville after the Breonna Taylor announcement,…

2 years ago