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December 4, 2022
Ah, Christmas Time. You can’t sit down to watch TV without a deluge of obnoxious commercials with families dressed alike in Christmas jammies, mind-numbingly plot vapid Hallmark movies, and unrealistic car commercials where spouses gift each other luxury vehicles.
Michael Keaton Biden
September 30, 2020
Michael Keaton spoke out today to send a message to Joe Biden, telling him, “no more debates. You won. Walk away.”
August 20, 2020
Hollywood star Michael Keaton just called for President Donald Trump to resign, saying that it “would be very patriotic.”
Trump Michael Keaton
April 1, 2020
Actor Michael Keaton of “Batman” fame just went off on President Donald Trump, telling him to “get out of the way” amid the coronavirus pandemic.
April 10, 2019
When President Trump posted a video on Twitter Monday, it had garnered about a million views in less than three hours, […]