Ethnic Studies Promote Antisemitism, Bigotry in U.S. Schools

By Casey Ryan for RealClearPolitics Parents are understandably concerned with the divisive curricula now taught in America’s schools. Ideas like…

4 months ago

FLASHBACK: Congress Banned Arms From Going To Neo-Nazis In Ukraine In 2018

When Congress passed a spending bill in 2018, it included a provision in the 2,232 page bill to prevent U.S.…

11 months ago

Meghan McCain Calls Out Google For Diversity Head’s Remarks – ‘Google Is Okay With A Little Bit Of Anti-Semitism’

On Wednesday morning's episode of "The View," conservative cohost Meghan McCain called out the fact that Google’s head of Diversity…

2 years ago

Chris Cuomo Outrageously Claims That Democrats Are ‘Not Where The Antisemitism Is Coming From’

During his show on CNN on Tuesday night, host Chris Cuomo claimed that it's an "ugly tactic” for House Minority…

2 years ago

‘The View’ Explodes After Meghan McCain Compares AOC’s ‘Squad’ To Marjorie Taylor Greene

The ABC talk show "The View" derailed once again on Monday morning as conservative cohost Meghan McCain compared the radically…

2 years ago

CNN Freelance Contributor Fired After Anti-Semitic Tweets: ‘The World Today Needs A Hitler’

Adeel Raja, a longtime contributor to CNN, became a focus of controversy on Sunday after users shared deleted tweets that…

2 years ago

Seth Rogen Says Israel ‘Makes No Sense’ – It’s Like Putting Jews ‘In A Blender’

Comedic actor Seth Rogen just launched a truly vile attack on Israel, saying that it "makes no sense" to him.…

3 years ago

Charles Barkley Defies Left To Say ‘We Can’t Allow Black People To Be Prejudiced Also’

On a recent episode of the news and pop culture podcast “The Steam Room,” NBA legend Charles Barkley blasted the…

3 years ago

Mark Levin Vows ‘I Can Never Watch The NBA Again And I Can Never Watch The NFL Again’

Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin said of the NFL and NBA on Tuesday, “I am not going to…

3 years ago

Democrats Refuse To Disavow Anti-Semitic Candidates

Linda Sarsour, a vile bigot, has become a force to be reckoned with in that party.

3 years ago

Ilhan Omar Dooms The Sanders Campaign In Florida

His remarks about Castro won't help. But it's Omar's vicious anti-semitism that will cripple him.

3 years ago

NY Dem Forcibly Removed From Event Featuring Rashida Tlaib After He Asks About Her Anti-Semitism

A former New York Democrat lawmaker was forcibly ejected from an event featuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib when he asked her…

3 years ago