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Chris Wallace Admits Biden Is ‘Flat Wrong’ About Afghanistan – ‘Does The President Not Know What’s Going On?’

Fox News host Chris Wallace spoke out on Sunday to admit that President Joe Biden has been "flat wrong" about…

1 year ago

Biden Calls It An ‘Embarrassment’ That Trump Hasn’t Conceded

Joe Biden spoke out on Tuesday to say that it is an "embarrassment" that President Donald Trump has yet to…

2 years ago

Coronavirus Has Killed The Idea Of Open Borders, But Democrats Still Want Them

The idea of letting anyone in now is considered public health suicide, but Democrats don't care.

3 years ago

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Refuses to Shake President Trump’s Hand (VIDEO)

On Friday, President Donald Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump has been strongly critical of her support of…

6 years ago