On Friday, President Donald Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump has been strongly critical of her support of Islamic refugees, and people were curious to see how the meeting went.

Clearly, things didn’t go well. As you can see (below), the press asked repeatedly, “Can we get a handshake?”

Reportedly Merkel, while indicating she wasn’t interested, asked Trump, “Do you want a handshake?”

Here’s the video. Merkel should be ashamed, and President Trump is clearly furious. No eye contact, and it’s clear Trump can’t wait for this awkward meeting to end:

Clearly, other world leaders have had no trouble shaking Trump’s hand:

Considering America’s long history with Germany, it’s disappointing that Angela Merkel couldn’t put aside her differences with Trump to work with her country’s most important ally.

Trump is right to criticize German policies which have flooded their country with dangerous, un-vetted refugees. Perhaps it’s time for new leadership in Germany, too.

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