Steve Scalise: Pelosi’s ‘Unhinged Rhetoric’ The Same Language That Got Me Shot

Representative Steve Scalise accused Nancy Pelosi of using the same “unhinged rhetoric” that almost got him assassinated on a softball field in Arlington, Virginia, in 2017.

Pelosi labeled Republicans and any supporters of President Trump as “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the state” due to their opposition to mail-in voting schemes.

“We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” the House Speaker spat during an interview on MSNBC.

“And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring of the Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States.”

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She’s Calling For Violence

Go ahead and watch that clip again. Does this look like a woman who has lost contact with reality?

We vote yes.

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Not only is that an unhinged person, but it’s a person actually reaching out to her unhinged followers, practically calling them to action. Take it from a guy who personally experienced an assassination attempt.

“I was shot because of this kind of unhinged rhetoric,” Scalise (R-LA) tweeted, sharing a clip of Pelosi’s comments. “Where’s the media outrage?”

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Dog Whistle to the Lunatic Fringe

Scalise, you may recall, was one of four victims of a shooting at a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia in 2017.

The shooter was James Hodgkinson, an avowed leftist who happened to be carrying a kill list of Republican lawmakers in his pocket as he shot up the field.

Senator Rand Paul later revealed, Hodgkinson was motivated by GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

That is the type of person Pelosi is reaching out to when she labels Republicans as “enemies of the state.”

But there are more people in the liberal lunatic fringe that the House Speaker is sending signals to with her unhinged rhetoric.

She’s speaking to people like those who killed Bernell Trammell, a black, dreadlocked activist from Milwaukee, known for carrying signs, one of which read: “Vote Donald Trump 2020.”

Pelosi’s rhetoric is aimed at people like Connor Betts, who expressed support for Antifa and described himself as a “leftist” before opening fire and killing nine people, wounding seventeen others, in an attack last year in Dayton, Ohio.

Scalise has every right to call Pelosi out for her incendiary comments. You can bet your a** that had Trump said something like this, he’d be pilloried for promoting violence against his political opponents.

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