Steve King Mocks Ocasio-Cortez, Takes a Drink From Migrant Detention Center Sink

Rep. Steve King took a jab at fellow Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, taking a drink from an illegal immigration detention center sink attached to a toilet.

“I took a drink out of there,” King said, referring to the sink/toilet combination. “And actually pretty good!”

“No way was [Ocasio-Cortez] objectively honest in her #FakeNews spin about the border,” he added. “Clickbait for Snowflakes!”

The congressman posted video of him using the facilities at the migrant facility at the border.

Ocasio-Cortez has insisted that she has seen nothing but horror stories at these detention facilities, including women drinking from toilets and border agents sexually threatening her.

None of them were real stories of course, but that didn’t stop her from insisting otherwise.

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A pair of pastors responded recently to the New York socialist’s claims by saying she’s lying. They had visited the same facilities.

“I must be living in a parallel universe somewhere,” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez said. “I did not find soiled diapers. I did not find crying children. I did not find deplorable conditions. Quite the opposite.”


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“The congresswoman is entitled to her opinion, but her opinion should never shape the truth,” Pastor Kevin Wallace added. “The truth doesn’t have a side.”

Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw (R) chimed in saying Ocasio-Cortez was “getting bolder with her lies” regarding the conditions at the border.

“People like AOC are operating off of a false premise and deliberately designed to misinform the American people for her own political ends,” he explained.

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Naturally, Ocasio-Cortez was outraged at King’s mockery and claimed, ridiculously, that he was going to get pink eye by trying to prove her wrong.

“There is a genre of videos where GOP House members – who clearly didn’t read sworn testimony that detention sinks were broken- filming themselves drinking out of toilet sinks,” she said to her dim followers on social media.

That testimony was produced by agenda-driven doctors who interviewed and coached children with a significant language barrier. Inspector General photos show little more than over-crowding, which is a product of decades of Democrat inaction on securing our border.

She just can’t help but lie. Repeatedly, often.

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