Steve Bannon Wants Marjorie Taylor Greene Primaried After Voting in Favor of Biden-McCarthy Debt Ceiling Deal

Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon wants to see all 149 Republicans who voted in favor of the debt ceiling agreement primaried in 2024, including some pr0-MAGA names that might come as a surprise.
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Steve Bannon, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump, wants to see all 149 Republicans who voted in favor of the debt ceiling agreement primaried in 2024, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

“Republican Party, those 149 who voted for it, all have to be primaried,” he said in a declaration on his “War Room” podcast.

The bill passed in a 314-117 vote that saw majorities in both parties in favor, but 149 Republicans voted in the affirmative while 165 Democrats approved the deal.

Bannon was baffled as to what the 149 could have found in agreement with a vast majority of Democrats. And his call to primary those in favor included Greene along with Representatives James Comer (KY), and Jim Jordan (OH).

“Let me repeat that,” insisted Bannon. “All of them, including people we’re quite fond of and some who we used to be fond of, have to be primaried.”

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Bannon Says Jordan And Greene Have To Answer For Debt Ceiling Vote

Bannon argued that Republicans who voted in favor of the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal have to explain to voters why they capitulated.

“They have to stand on a debate stage in the primary season and they have to justify what they did with the knowledge they had, at the time what went on and then what the impact is, because the impact on primary season is going to be a lot worse than it is today,” he said.

Greene has already discussed why she sided with McCarthy, allowing President Joe Biden two years to continue borrowing money.

“I chose to do the difficult thing, and you want to know how I did that? I did that because I like to sleep at night,” she said. “I’m not gonna sit here and throw red meat, because that’s what people want to hear. I’m going to really think about this and consider this decision. And I’m gonna do the right thing.”

“And so that’s what I did. I chose the hard thing,” Greene added. “The one that got trashed and trashed and trashed, but I’m okay with it.”

Going along to get along isn’t the “hard thing.”

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Greene Says She is ‘Done’ With Bannon

Bannon has said that Greene and Jordan should face primary challenges from “Real MAGA” candidates.

Greene did not take kindly to being called out for her alliance with the centrist House Speaker McCarthy and bowing down to Biden.

In a text message obtained by The Daily Beast, Greene told her fellow Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) that she’s “done” with Bannon.

“Steve and I aren’t getting back together,” she wrote. “And if he keeps it up I’ll take the house and kids. I hope you send it to Steve. Because I’m done.”

Greene also seems to be done being a fiery maverick in the House, going from a MAGA warrior to a simple dancing monkey for McCarthy in the past year.

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The debt ceiling agreement earned more votes from Democrats than Republicans. In fact, it was rescued by Democrats after 71 conservative Republicans voted against the legislation.

The Political Insider reported on the many ways in which the agreement failed to adhere to conservative principles – including failing to cut spending at an acceptable level, adding $4 trillion to the debt, and caving to the White House – and the reasons why Democrats were celebrating the deal more.

Biden was so pleased he made a rare appearance from his Delaware beach home to give a prime-time address heralding the deal.

Greene’s leader McCarthy, likewise, thought the deal was “fabulous.”

The debt ceiling agreement indicates ongoing weakness in Republican leadership. Greene is now part of that weakness and, as Bannon states, she and the other 148 Republicans need to answer for it.

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