By Bruce LeVell for RealClearPolitics

Stacey Abrams is the very worst kind of race huckster. Not only does she lie about Republican efforts to safeguard election integrity, but she is so eager to subvert the security of our elections that she is perfectly willing to harm the interests of the very community she claims to protect. 

Exhibit A: Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta — a city that’s well over 50% Black and has one of the highest proportions of Black-owned businesses in the nation — to mostly white Denver.

The controversial stunt is the subject of a lawsuit demanding that the MLB either move the game back to Atlanta or pay damages to small businesses impacted by the decision. 

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But the rash, almost comically tone-deaf move by the baseball was a direct result of Abrams’s partisan propaganda campaign against Georgia’s election integrity law, which painted the perfectly reasonable and common-sense legislation as racist and an inherent threat to civil rights.

The reality of the situation, however, is that Georgia’s law actually made it easier to vote — easier in fact than Colorado, the new home of the All-Star Game.

But Georgia’s law did make it harder to cheat during elections, which one could easily be forgiven for thinking is the real reason why Abrams and her allies in the Democratic Party are so upset about it.

The truth is that between 87% and 98% of Black Americans in Georgia have IDs. The truth is that nearly 70% of Black voters support voter IDs.

The truth is that Stacey Abrams’s steady stream of lies about Georgia’s election integrity law condemned a mostly Black city brimming with Black business owners and Black workers to unnecessary and painful economic loss.

The cost to the state of the MLB’s decision is estimated at $100 million. That might just be a meaningless number to the Democrats, but to the hardworking Black men and women of Atlanta that money was a lifeline, especially as it was coming on the heels of an economy-shattering pandemic.

Take, for example, Marvil Rodney, the owner of Rodney’s Jamaican Soul Food, located near Truist Park. Mr. Rodney and his staff were counting desperately on the extra business that the All-Star Game would bring.

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The restaurant industry was arguably hit harder than any other by the COVID pandemic, and the game was a godsend to Rodney and his employees. It was to be their first opportunity to make good money in over a year. 

Then there’s Michael Bennett, an Atlanta-area promoter specializing in upscale events and clientele. Based on his revenue from the NBA All-Star Game, Bennett estimates losses in the many thousands of dollars as a result of the MLB’s decision.

That’s to say nothing of the money lost by caterers, waiters, and other staff he would have hired for his events. 

These are just two of Stacey Abrams’s Black victims. But there are more. Many more. I’ve spoken with them. They’re hurting and they’re angry and they don’t like Stacey Abrams acting like she’s Queen of All Black People and harming their livelihoods.

But they also see her power, and the power wielded by the liberal elites who support her, and they’re afraid to speak out. But we can’t afford to stay silent any longer. 

For far too long, radical left-wing activists like Stacey Abrams have been using the Black community as a cudgel with which to beat their political opponents and push through their partisan pet projects.

But they don’t really care about the Black community, or the diverse individuals with diverse opinions who comprise it, and they are entirely willing to cause pain and suffering to the Black community in order to advance their agenda. The Black community of Atlanta found this out firsthand.

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Bruce LeVell is a retail jewelry manufacturer owner in Atlanta. He is the former chairman of the Gwinnett County, Ga., Republican Party and a contributor on Fox News, One America News, Newsmax, MSNBC and CNN.

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