‘Squad’ Member Cori Bush Wants to Know Why There Isn’t Any ‘Sperm Regulation Legislation’ For Men

Representative Cori Bush made an attempt to equate abortion restrictions to something similar for men, openly wondering why there is no "sperm regulation legislation" in Congress.

Far-left Representative Cori Bush made an attempt to equate abortion restrictions to something similar for men, openly wondering why there is no “sperm regulation legislation” in Congress.

I’ll take ‘Things I didn’t want to write about today,’ for $800, Alex.

‘Squad’ member Bush (D-MO) made the comments in an interview with the only person who wouldn’t have fallen out of their chair laughing at the congresswoman, MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Representative Bush claimed opposition to abortion isn’t really about the life of the baby, “It’s just about control.”

What followed was something to truly behold. The Missouri Democrat marked a pivot in her argument with the phrase: “So it takes me to this, Joy.”

Hmm … That prelude seems to indicate Bush actually prepped and practiced the argument she was about to unleash. And man, did it ever deliver.


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Cori Bush: Where’s the Sperm Regulation Legislation

It’s difficult to ascertain which part of the above video clip is better – Cori Bush pausing for effect, believing she just made an incredible point about sperm regulation legislation, or Reid, nodding along like a deranged bobblehead in an earthquake.

Whatever your preference, the segment is comedy gold.

“You know, there’s a reason why we don’t see sperm regulation legislation,” Bush said. “There’s a reason why we don’t see mandated vasectomies.”

“You know, the very idea that we would take away men’s bodily autonomy is outrageous, like, it’s unfathomable,” she added.

“But truthfully sperm are busy. It’s busy. Who is regulating that? Who is saying something about it? … Where is that legislation?”

I mean, I guess much like for women, there are ways to regulate the process that leads to pregnancy. Has the congresswoman never heard of a condom? Abstinence works.

Here’s the other thing, a brief biology lesson if you will for Ms. Bush – It takes a sperm and an egg to create life with its own separate DNA. No woman is having their eggs regulated because Roe v. Wade may be overturned by the Supreme Court. 

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MSNBC Took Her Seriously

We’re hoping upon hope that Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is loaded with charts and other graphics next time he addresses Cori Bush and her call for sperm regulation legislation.

Like he did in trying to explain science to future Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson who was unable to define a woman because of a lack of background in the field of biology.

You must take pity on Congresswoman Bush, though. She also seems to struggle when it comes to basic biology.

Just a year ago, Bush defined mothers as “birthing people.”

“I am committed to doing the absolute most to protect mothers, to protect black babies, to protect black birthing people and to save lives,” she told a congressional panel discussing the rising maternal death rate among black expectant mothers.

Democrats don’t know what a woman is. They don’t know what a mother is. And they don’t know how fertilization works in regards to an egg and a sperm.

But hey, that’s because they’re not biologists, folks.

You would have thought Bush’s argument would be dismissed out of hand. Not only did Reid go along with it, but a follow-up panel on MSNBC engaged in a debate that gave the ‘sperm regulation legislation’ counterpoint some credibility.

“She framed it as right now we are looking at regulating uteruses and eggs, but we’re not looking at the male side of this equation,” said correspondent Ali Vitali.

Except nobody is ‘looking at regulating uteruses and eggs.’

Bush, who can’t quite figure out how reproduction works, earned a Diploma in Nursing from the Lutheran School of Nursing in 2008.

That school might want to ask for the diploma back.

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