Springsteen Hits At Trump — He Doesn’t Understand How To Be An American

When’s the last time Bruce Springsteen had to worry about the numbers on his pay stub, the security of his job or figure out how much his insurance would cover for a procedure knowing he’d have to cover the rest? Maybe Bruce doesn’t understand what it means to be an American.

Springsteen is a great guitarist. That’s where his importance ends. I don’t formulate political opinions based on the musings of guitarists.

Hey Bruce, how have you served your country? You remember a famous Democrat once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” So how have you served your country? President Trump is serving his country and doing a much better job at it than the last guy.

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At a campaign rally in Minneapolis earlier this month, Trump bashed the musician, saying he didn’t need the support of “little Bruce Springsteen” and other celebrities like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Trump appeared to intend to name other celebrities in his tirade, but seemed to stumble, fading off into “and … all of these …” (Check out the clip above.)

CBS “This Morning” co-host Gayle King asked Springsteen: “So he’s going back to 2016. And this is now 2019. Are you surprised that he’s trash talking you after all this time?”

Springsteen shook his head incredulously and laughed, responding: “Not really. Anything’s possible.”

“It’s just frightening, you know? We’re living in a frightening time,” Springsteen added. “The stewardship of the nation has been thrown away to somebody who doesn’t have a clue as to what that means. And unfortunately, we have somebody who I feel doesn’t have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American.” [Huff Post]


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If Bruce is such a grand American, how about he donate all the royalties from “Born in the USA” to a worthy cause besides himself. He got lucky with that tune and it’s become his saving grace.

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Fascinating that Springsteen believes he knows what it is to be an American and has determined that Trump is the one that is clueless. If Springsteen knew anything about being a patriotic American, he would know that the Democrats would have been the enemies of the Founding Fathers.

There are no greater traitors to this country than the Democrats attempting to undermine our Republic and succeed in their coup attempt against a duly elected president of the U.S.

Springsteen has been in psychoanalysis for most of his adult life. He openly admits his ‘working-class man’ persona is ‘all made up, all of it fake’, that he never held an actual job — ever — other than his music. He hated his father, lied to dodge the draft, was sheltered by his mother, shamefully lifted endless lyrics and riffs from others’ music his entire career and cheated openly on his first wife. If I need an opinion from someone about anything — especially American politics — the last place I’d ever look is Bruce Springsteen.

Watch above, via CBS This Morning

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