Spectacular Fail: Hillary’s Candidates Fall Like Dominos

Last night was a tsunami of embarrassing defeats for the Democrats. Barack Obama owns his share of the blame, but the real loser of the evening was Hillary Clinton.

With 2016 on her mind, Hillary actively campaigned this year. And the candidates she personally endorsed and stumped for fell like dominos yesterday. Bruised from the Benghazi hearings and tainted from being so instrumental in Obama’s failed policies, Hillary’s influence over voters is questioned today.

Hillary campaigned for Alison Grimes, Bruce Braley, Kay Hagan and Michelle Nunn. All of them saw their campaigns go down in flames last night as the Republicans gained control of the Senate. Senator Rand Paul told Breitbart News that Hillary Clinton was Tuesday’s biggest “loser.”

“”Somebody should ask Hillary Democrats why they got wiped out tonight. Clearly, Hillary is yesterday’s news.”

Paul also took to Twitter to highlight Hillary’s failure to deliver voters.

The Clintons made endorsements a family affair this year. Bill also joined in on the fail trail by endorsing Ed FitzGerald for Governor of Ohio. FitzGerald’s multiple scandals, including driving without a license and possibly without insurance for multiple years, tanked the entire statewide Democratic ticket.


Yesterday proved that voters don’t feel the seduction of the Clinton charm they did in years past. With the midterm election in the rear-view mirror and 2016 on the horizon, will Hillary still be mentioned as a Presidential contender? Perhaps her hand in the failures of the Obama Administration will be too hard for her to overcome at the ballot box.

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