With President-elect Donald J. Trump officially set to take the oath of office on Friday, the incoming president has finally made a nomination to fill the last spot in his cabinet.

Late Wednesday night, Trump nominated former Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue to lead the Department of Agriculture, a move that is likely to satisfy much of the farming industry across the nation.

From Politico:

The decision, which is expected to be announced on Thursday, ends weeks of speculation that Trump was looking to name a woman or Hispanic to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture and answers the pleas of the more than 70 members of Trump’s agriculture advisory council who were hoping to have one of their own put in charge of the lower-profile but far-reaching agency with a $150 billion budget.

“They want someone who will go in there and kick some ass,” said Gary Baise, a Washington, D.C., attorney who helped put together the advisory committee. “And Sonny is that guy.”

In making the announcement, the president-elect’s transition team plans to stress Perdue’s focus on rural communities and family farms, describing it as a “key part of the Trump movement,” a source says.

Other candidates who were being considered for the job included Elsa Murano, who served as food safety undersecretary at the USDA, and Abel Maldonado, a former California lieutenant governor and farmer.

Given Georgia’s important role in providing agricultural resources for much of America, Governor Purdue seems like a strong pick to lead America’s USDA. Farmers will be pleased that they have a nominee who will speak on their behalf and look out for their interests.

Do you think President Trump’s agriculture secretary pick is a good one? Do you think he will be confirmed? Share your thoughts!