Social Media Posts Show Fulton County DA Fani Willis Questioning 2020 Election

Social media posts have emerged showing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis making multiple statements questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election.
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A series of social media posts have emerged showing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis making multiple statements questioning the 2020 presidential election.

Several posts were curated in a thread by conservative commentator Benny Johnson on X, formerly known as Twitter, with some being confirmed in a profile by earlier this month.

The posts call into question the impartiality of the DA’s indictment against former President Donald Trump, who was arrested Thursday evening and had a mugshot published in an historic first. Trump posted the mugshot in his first tweet on X in over two years.

A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia indicted Trump on 13 counts following an investigation by Willis’ office into alleged efforts to “overturn” the 2020 presidential election.

The indictment includes social media posts by the current Republican candidate as evidence to further a plot to cast doubt on the election process and results.

Willis references 12 tweets in total that were allegedly “caused to be tweeted” by Trump that, in her view, constitute an “overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.”

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Willis Also Questioned Election on Social Media

Fulton County District Attorney Willis, one day after the 2020 presidential election, suggested ballots in her district may have been “thrown out” by officials and demanded an “honest accounting” of the votes.

“Georgia could determine who is our next president,” she wrote on Facebook. “A TEAM of lawyers needs to watch them count every single VOTE.”

“They can start in Fulton where we are having water leaks. What ballots are they throwing out?” Willis asked. “Georgia let’s give an honest accounting. No stunts!”

Facebook Screenshot

That post is still active on Facebook to this day.

Willis’ reference to the “water leaks” is actually a nod to an incident on election night in which a leak at a ballot processing site in Georgia’s Fulton County caused a delay. Some have pointed to this incident as evidence of foul play, though officials have denied any such claims.

When Trump supporters say it, it’s a dangerous conspiracy theory. What about when far-left DA Fani Willis says it?

Johnson posted further evidence of what he describes as Willis’ “hardened, radical activist” behavior.

“Fani’s pages are littered with BLM propaganda and deep partisan adherence to left-wing ideology,” he writes. “She openly worships Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

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Willis Shows Off Her ‘Proud Democrat’ Mug

Johnson posted a screenshot of what appears to be a local news story showing Fani Willis with a coffee mug on her desk which states “Proud Democrat.”

Using one’s office for partisan political activity is frowned upon in some circles, especially when it comes from a position of criminal authority.

“Imagine thinking you’ll get ‘Justice’ from a person with a ‘PROUD DEMOCRAT’ mug displayed prominently in their public office,” Johnson writes.

Willis continues to use her office, particularly her prosecution of the former President, in partisan political activity.

She launched her own 2023 re-election campaign website and sent out fundraising emails to supporters just days prior to the announcement of Trump’s indictment.

As for casting doubt on the election, Willis also posted an article about the Fulton County water leak delaying ballot counting and wrote, “Why Fulton?”

Johnson’s thread on X also harkens back to the 2018 midterms in which Willis made it clear on Facebook that she was dismayed that a recount had not been agreed upon.

“Ask yourself why?” she wrote. “You all better start paying attention to what is really going on instead of ‘reality tv’ and pay attention to reality.”

In another post shortly after the 2018 midterms, the future Fulton County DA would brag about the power of the Secretary of State in Georgia to “control elections.”

“Secretary of State will definitely be on the ballot. That person controls elections,” she wrote. “I wonder if we yet realize that is an important role? SMDH!”

A comment by Willis on another post suggests that she believes there had been some level of election fraud since “white folk” have accounted for “116 percent” of the vote.

“At the time of these posts Fani Willis was either running for or serving in elected political office,” Johnson wrote. “Fani questioned elections for her own political gain as a hardened Democrat activist. Now she is trying to imprison the GOP frontrunner for doing the same.”

Leftists really do have no shame.

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