Six Democrats Running in 2020 Voted No On Providing Medical Care to Babies Surviving Abortion

Six candidates running against President Trump in 2020 voted no to providing medical attention to babies who survive abortion, essentially leaving them to die.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse introduced the bill, titled the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which would require doctors to administer aid to infants who survive an attempted abortion.

The bill required 60 votes to pass in the Senate. It went down 53 to 44.

Democrat presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris (CA), Cory Booker (NJ), Elizabeth Warren (MA), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), and Bernie Sanders (VT), though technically an Independent but running on the D ticket, all voted against the measure.

In addition to these six blocking passage of a bill that prohibits infanticide after birth, Republican Lisa Murkowski (AK) failed to even cast a vote.

What an absolutely tragic day in American politics.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who also voted against the bill, described it as an obvious effort “to bully doctors out of giving reproductive care.”

It’s not ‘reproductive care’ at that point, it’s life-saving measures. And any doctor that does not provide life-saving measures for a patient is no doctor at all.

Trump Slams Shocking Vote

Senator Sasse reminded Americans how the abortion lobby has shifted their views over the years when he first introduced his bill.

“Just a few years ago, the abortion lobby was really clear in its talk about hoping abortion would be … safe, legal, and rare,” he said. “Now we’re talking about keeping the baby comfortable while the doctors have a debate about infanticide.”

He was referring to Governor Ralph Northam’s description of abortion law in the state of Virginia.

Yet, here we are. It’s no longer an actual debate, it’s proof positive that Democrats want people to have the legal right to kill a baby even after birth.

President Trump slammed Democrats on social media, calling Monday’s move “one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress.”

Extremist Democrats

We’re not sure who is advising Democrat candidates on taking such radical measures when it comes to abortion. The American people are solidly rejecting extremists like Northam and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a man who actually celebrated the passage of a bill that allowed abortion up to birth.

A recent Marist poll shows Americans who define themselves as pro-choice sharply shifting to a pro-life stance in the face of the far-left celebrating infanticide.

That poll, just one month ago, showed 55 percent of Americans identifying as pro-choice, 38 percent as pro-life. Now that they’re understanding details of the Democrat party’s desire to destroy the unborn and now, in some cases, even the born, that same poll has pulled even at 47 percent.

Where normally you could see anti-Trump candidates simply taking obscene political stances just to earn votes (Green New Deal, abolish ICE, etc.), this simply doesn’t make sense. They must genuinely believe infanticide is perfectly acceptable.

What an abhorrent group of people.

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