Drudge Report Says a Shutdown Agreement Has Been Reached

The Drudge Report’s top headline early Friday afternoon announced that the government shutdown would end and that the government would re-open “temporarily.”

The headline linked to a Mediate story that noted, “Matt Drudge’s high-trafficked news aggregator reported that according to a source, a shutdown agreement has been reached, and that an announcement is set for 1 p.m.”


With the partial federal government shutdown in its fifth week on Monday, President Donald Trump is still insisting on funding for his border wall and Democrats are still refusing to allow funds to go toward a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The President has even considered declaring a national emergency to fund the wall.

“President Trump is reportedly preparing a proclamation to declare a national emergency at the southern border, freeing up to $7 billion in potential funds to build a wall,” The Political Insider reported Friday. “The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency,’ a draft version reads.”

It will be interesting to see what announcements are made to declare that the government is once again open again for business.

One detail about the possible agreement that has trickled in is a tentative agreement to a 3-week continuing resolution to open up the government and allow debate on a possible immigration reform package:

President Trump should be wary: Democrats are going to have no incentive to give him funds for a border wall with the government open. They wouldn’t even budge when it was closed for over a month.

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