House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, blasted Nancy Pelosi for portraying Republicans as the “enemy.”

He went on to assert the devious characterization was a means to attack the Second Amendment.

The House Speaker took aim at Republicans earlier this week, asserting fears amongst her caucus for their safety in the presence of GOP lawmakers had grown so much that they would have to increase funding for security details.

“I do believe and I have said this all along, that we’ll probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives,” she alleged.

The simple-minded amongst Democrats have parroted her smear campaign, culminating with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who literally accused Senator Ted Cruz of “almost (having) me murdered.”

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Steve Scalise Says It’s A Pelosi Gun Grab

Scalise accused Pelosi of ratcheting up the rhetoric as a means to distract from President Biden’s unprecedented 40 executive orders, which have implemented a far-left agenda and killed jobs by the thousands.

Worse, he asserted Pelosi was laying the groundwork for eviscerating the Second Amendment.

“Another thing they’re trying to do, Laura, is take away our Second Amendment rights,” Scalise said. “Make no doubt – they’re going to be coming sometime this year with a bill to take away our Second Amendment rights.”

He continued, “They’re building this predicate that, ‘Oh, my God, everybody better be afraid of somebody with a gun,’ and that’s going to be their attempt to then go take away the guns.”

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Scalise, who was critically injured during a politically-motivated mass assassination attempt by a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2017, also criticized Democrats for their caustic words.

“You know, she needs to stop doing this, because we have seen where this goes, if they try to demonize their opponents,” he said.

Scalise was shot along with 5 others in “an act of terrorism … fueled by rage against Republican legislators” when “left-wing activist” James Hodgkinson opened fire at a Congressional baseball practice.

So yeah, he knows exactly where demonizing your opponents as enemies, murderers, and traitors will go.

Scalise has said the leftist shooting in 2017 only fortified his resolve when it came to protecting the Second Amendment.

In their interview, Ingraham agreed that Pelosi is aiming to take away Second Amendment rights.

They “are setting the stage to make a run on the guns of law-abiding citizens,” she said.