Here is a huge story that the liberal media completely missed – and it’s not hard to figure out why.

There’s amazing news out of Texas where a courageous gun owner stopped a mass murder by killing an active shooter who had already killed one person in a restaurant.

KWQC has the incredible story:

When 48-year-old James Jones walked inside the Zona Caliente Sports Bar, started yelling and then allegedly shot and killed Cesar Perez — a 37-year-old restaurant manager who’d attempted to calm him down — Arlington police said witnesses were afraid they would be next.

In addition to the gun used to kill Perez, police say Jones had another semiautomatic pistol and two knives on him. The serial number on the second gun had been scratched off, and Jones did not have a gun license, police said.

“He definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business,” Arlington Police Lieutenant Chris Cook told NBC News, adding that it did not appear that the shooter knew his victim.

An armed “good Samaritan” — as the Arlington Police labeled him — happened to be eating at the restaurant with his wife. A concealed carry permit holder, he told her to get down on the ground and then shot Jones in the back.

shooting stopped by concealed carry

Thank God this concealed carry license holder was there to stop what could have turned into mass carnage. The hero wished to remain anonymous, but police said, “We’re thankful that the good ‘Samaritan’ acted quickly and decisively to end the threat.”

Zona Caliente Sports Bar had a “blue sign” from the state that allows people to legally carry on the premises. That sign saved a lot of lives. God bless Texas! The more responsible gun owners are allowed to carry, the safer they and the people around them are.

Mass shootings always get huge news coverage and launch endless liberal diatribes about gun control. Why can’t the media highlight some good news involving guns stopping crime once in a while? This would be the perfect story for them to do it – it even has two dead bodies to feed the Drive By Media’s sick “it bleeds it leads” sensationalism.

But, alas, the MSM would never go out of their way to highlight a story that doesn’t fit with the anti-gun narrative they push every day.

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