Shocker: Minneapolis Gripped By Violent Crime After ‘Defund the Police’ Movement

Minneapolis Struggles With Reason For Violent Crime Spike, Hint: Defund The Police
YouTube Screen Shot-ABC News 11/25/20

Minneapolis, the home of the “defund the police” movement following the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020, is grappling with a significant increase in violent crime.

That increase started after Floyd’s death, and the city actually did make an effort to defund the police.

But two years out from George Floyd’s death and after a failed referendum, murder and violent crime are soaring where once there was only “Minnesota Nice.”

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Dubious Nickname

In 2021, 93 people were murdered in Minneapolis. The total was just a few short of the 1995 total that earned the city the nickname, “Murderapolis. ”

Nearby St. Paul was a bit better, coming in with 38 murders. In 2020, the year of George Floyd’s death, the total number of murders was a whopping 80. 

So why is this happening?

In 2021, the far-left was able to actually get a referendum on the ballot to “transform” the police department. Incredibly, the measure barely failed, with only 56% of voters rejecting it.

So why is violent crime still increasing there? CNN reveals, “KG Wilson, a longtime resident of the Twin Cities, said police withdrew from violent neighborhoods in the aftermath of Floyd’s killing.”

As it turns out, police may not be willing to risk their lives for citizens who don’t want them around.

Readers may recall that it wasn’t just local politicians calling to defund the police. 

Far-left ‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar, who represents parts of Minneapolis, actually called to dismantle the police department.

But there’s also another culprit: COVID-19 lockdowns.

Mark Osler is a professor at St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. He is also a former prosecutor. He says, “It unsettled settled trajectories. Kids who were going to school, who would have graduated but drifted off because there is no school — we’re seeing a lot of the violent crime is by juveniles.”

Strange. If only people had warned against attacking the police and locking down society.

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Cop Morale, The Elephant In The Room

After Floyd’s death, calls to “defund the police” came not just from Minneapolis, but from just about every major American city.

Currently, Minneapolis has a population of 425,000. At the time of Floyd’s death in early 2020, Minneapolis police officers numbered roughly 900. By August of this year, that number had dropped to around 560. Nearly one third of the police force.

Police officers around the nation were leaving law enforcement on the heels of the George Floyd riots. Many of them cited the same reasons, that they no longer felt like they had public support or support from city leaders.

A retired NYPD officer summed it up, saying, “One day, the good guys became the bad guys and the bad guys became the good guys.”

The answer from a former Minneapolis officer related a call he answered involving a large mentally ill man who collapsed and died prior to his arrival on the scene.

“If I had made a decision to use a taser, and then he fell over dead, the death certificate would say homicide, complications of police use of a conducted energy device. My name would immediately be in the national news. And the fundamental conclusion that I reached was that following Derek Chauvin, it no longer matters if what you were doing was legal, trained, the morally right thing to do, reasonable under the circumstances, the best effort of a reasonable human being in a marginal circumstance, which is basically what cops do. None of that matters. What matters is the outcome, and if you become the next spark in a viral firestorm.”

And there’s the rub. 

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