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Border Sheriff’s Shocking FIX For Illegal Immigration – Trump Is Smiling!

Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe Arpaio took his support of Donald Trump to almost religious levels, saying the Republican presidential candidate is “our only savior right now” when it comes to dealing with the nation’s illegal immigration problem.

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Arpaio was confronted with polling data that suggests Trump trails Hillary Clinton significantly with Hispanic and Latino voters. Cavuto also discussed how hundreds of thousands of immigrants are attempting to register to vote against Trump.

Arpaio essentially said, “no worries!” alleging that “the Hispanic community will fold into the (Trump) program.”

The sheriff believes that despite liberals trying to register their vote, there’s no guarantee they’d unanimously vote for Clinton. Why? Because he believes most immigrants share the same values as other Americans.

“They’re here to work, they’re here to take care of their families, and they’re good people,” he explained.

Watch the segment below …

Via Fox News Insider:

Neil Cavuto pointed out that many polls show Trump trailing Hillary Clinton significantly among Hispanic and Latino voters.

Arpaio argued that those numbers will change as they learn more about Trump’s policies and how he’s the best candidate for jobs and the economy.

“The Hispanic community will fold into the program, too,” Arpaio said. “They’re here to work, they’re here to take care of their families, and they’re good people.”

On the other hand, he said, illegal immigrants, especially those who commit crimes, must be dealt with. He added that Trump is also the strongest candidate on that issue.

Arpaio said that he hopes Congress doesn’t try to force Trump to backtrack on his tough stance on illegal immigration.

“We have to have Donald Trump not give in, to do something about the problem,” Arpaio said. “He’s our only savior right now.”

Arpaio has endorsed Trump for president. Aside from being a ‘savior,’ the sheriff believes Trump “is a leader” who will produce results and “is ready to get tough in order to protect American jobs and families.”

Comment: Do you think Trump can be “our savior” when it comes to illegal immigration? Will he do everything he’s promised in this campaign? Share your thoughts below.

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