Sheriff Clarke DESTROYS Left-Wing Trump Protesters With A Dose Of Reality! (WATCH)

Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke appeared with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, and absolutely shredded a protester of Donald Trump for being part of a liberal “totalitarian movement.”

Clarke took part in a segment with Charles Paidock, a member of the Chicago Socialist Party who actually believes shutting down free speech is his free speech right.

“It’s up to the citizens to put an end to this inflammatory hate speech,” Paidock said.

Sheriff Clarke was having none of it, saying the devout socialist was echoing the sentiments of most on the left, trying to create a world where “cops are the bad guys” and “crooks are the victims.”

Via Fox News Insider:

On Hannity tonight, Sheriff David Clarke reacted to a Donald Trump protester’s defense of his demonstration outside the chaotic Chicago venue last Friday.

“Everything is … backwards in the country right now,” said the Milwaukee County sheriff. “This was an attempt to shut down free speech.”

“We’re looking at rioting, we’re calling that protesting. The cops are the bad guys, the crooks are the victims now. Everything that’s said when one wants to express themselves has to be put through an approval meter. This is a totalitarian movement.”

Watch the exchange below …

Sadly, we appear to live in an America where rioters are now actually the good guys in the eyes of liberals, politicians, and the mainstream media.

Nowhere is that more apparent than with Thomas Dimassimo, who recently rushed the stage to attack Donald Trump and is now being rewarded with guest spots at media outlets and free merchandise from prominent members of the music industry.

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Comment: Are liberals glorifying protesters and lawbreakers in our country, allowing their totalitarian actions to spread because it happens to be against Trump? Share your thoughts below.

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